Quartz Crystals


Crystals have their own energy.  As Mother Earth’s gifts to us, crystals are a living energy, they are metaphysical keys to the Universe.  Crystals are our way of accessing specific energies in the universe.  Crystals are used for meditation, protection, healing, centering and harmonizing.  These crystals have been mined and used for thousands of years, and can be seen in ancient crowns and jewelry.  Crystals in their natural form are the most powerful.  When crystals are cut, shaped and polished, they can lose their natural force.  Working and wearing the crystal stone that is your favorite, will bring energy and life back into the stone and it will perform its natural function, whether it is polished or natural.

A Quartz Crystal is your source for healing and energy.  The Rose Quartz is also a healing crystal, and is the crystal of love.  The amethyst is for spirituality and the Hematite is known to be the psychic stone and is for good fortune and prosperity.  The Onyx is for strength and stability while the Tiger Eye promotes balance and strength.  The Red Carnelian is the wish stone, and the Lapis Lazuli, with the gold vein running throughout this regal stone, is for universal truth and friendship.  The Turquoise is known to absorb negative energy while detoxifying the body of toxins.  You will know which crystal is the right one for you by letting your intuition guide you.  If you feel really drawn to one piece, that’s the one for you.

Follow us at www.secretserendipity.com as we take our journey to wellness.  Read more about Quartz Crystals on our website, as we have done much research into the crystal.  Find a crystal that is right for you, whether it is in jewelry or a raw piece.

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