Daily Astrology

April 1 Astrology Reading

The Moon appears to be partly illuminated by direct sunlight.  Today brings with it the Direct Motion of the Moon, which can cause confusion. Have people been disappointing you lately? Are they not acting in the way you expect them to? If the troubled emotions that you have been feeling are keeping you from being calm, maybe you are not being realistic. Start today to love people for themselves, not for whom you want them to be. When you show caring, people become more cooperative and loving. Knowing how your words and behavior affect others, and then acting with love, will help you create the reality you want with them.

People born on April 1st are practical with an ambitious nature and think on a grand scale. Your mind is usually geared to big projects. You see the total picture first before thinking through the details. What really attracts you is the impossible challenges in today’s world. You inspire trust in those meeting you for the first time.

Daily thought for April 1st: Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.

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