Daily Astrology

April 12 Astrology Reading

The Moon is located in Gemini. This brings out the fighting spirit in many. There are so many people around, you probably know a few, who believe that if they don’t fight to get what they want, they won’t get their fair share. They are usually trying to manipulate. When we think thoughts that create fear, we may end up behaving in ways that lack integrity. Integrity is protecting the human rights of others. Starting today, make your best effort to do what is right, and let the consequences follow. Others pay attention to those you have chosen to associate with, and they will judge your character by the character of your friends. Always choose those with integrity.

People born on April 12th strive for peace and harmony and are happiest when life runs smoothly. You are charming with a magnetic personality that draws others to you. You like exchanging ideas with as many different types of people as possible. As romantic as you are compassionate, and tend to be in and out of relationships more than most.

Daily thought for April 12th: Most great men and women are not perfectly rounded in their personalities, but are instead people whose one driving enthusiasm is so great it makes their faults seem insignificant.

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