Daily Astrology

April 16 Astrology Reading

The Moon is giving us Venus square to Jupiter, bringing inner tension and motivation.  This will produce a great influence to how we interact. Getting along with others can sometimes be very difficult. The thoughts and feelings of people you have the most trouble harmonizing with are the very ones that will give you the most growth when you do learn more about interacting with them. If these people are in your life, trying to avoid them is not the answer. You will continually attract people with similar energies until you learn how to stay balanced and not react negatively. Always stay calm, and if you feel the need to get angry, just walk away.

People born on April 16th are creative, artistic and musical. You often attract money, but people and pleasure are more important to you than material possessions. You don’t like being alone, and without a loving, intimate relationship in your life, you feel incomplete. You’re always ahead of everyone else when it comes to accepting new ideas and technology.

Daily thought for April 16th: To conquer without risk is to triumph without glory.

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