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April 24 Astrology Reading

Pluto’s retrograde to Capricorn begins. This retrograde continues until October 2nd. It brings a time for transformation. Pluto will make you stronger during this retrograde, and will turn you from a dirty coal into a sparkling diamond. If you stay aware of this transformation, it will cleanse you of procrastination, indifference, arrogance and any destructive impulses you may have. You must confront the parts of yourself that you prefer would just disappear — or that you have disowned, much as you might disown a problem child. Facing the parts of yourself that you don’t like, or are afraid of, is one of the most difficult tasks in life – perhaps the most difficult task. It is important to summon, have motivation and fortitude from deep within, and to confront, those unwanted or disowned parts of yourself – rather than keeping them out of sight. By doing this, you shed light on them; allowing you to see them more clearly. Confront your feelings and stay with the experience and your shadows will begin to fall apart. Pluto has your back.

People born on April 24th have magnetic personalities and a bubbly enthusiasm. Your strong sense of purpose surprises everyone. You care about people and their problems, and you are often the first to respond when help is needed. You are extremely sociable and friendly, and your flirty ways can earn you a reputation for being fickle.

Daily thought for April 24th: People can have many different kinds of pleasure. The real one is that for which they will give up the others.

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