Daily Astrology

April 26 Astrology Reading

The Phase of this Moon brings a half light, half dark Moon. We are looking back, and looking ahead. Often we find ourselves at a cross-roads during the Last Quarter Phase, sometimes trying to (or needing to) take both roads at once.  This can cause feelings of hopelessness. Understand that few of us know what we really want, and none of us knows what is best for us.  It takes faith and courage to face life under any circumstance. No situation is hopeless. Try surrounding yourself with people who help you to feel good and encourage you to be your best. Today, look for activities that would make you happy. This will give you a sense of purpose. Hope is an attitude that you can work to achieve every day. Smile more, even if you don’t feel it.  There are plenty of living, breathing, smiling humans who can testify to the fact that looking the part of happy helps them get through the day.

People born on April 26th are creative and kind. You love to travel and you enjoy the interacting with people from all walks of life. If you are willing to work hard, you are often given great responsibilities. You are drawn towards ideas that seem impossible but this should not deter you. Remember that most often, the journey towards your dreams is often more important that the actual destination.

Daily thought for April 26th: A person will break the worry habit the day they decide they can meet and master the worse that can happen to you.

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