Daily Astrology

April 29 Astrology Reading

Many people miss today’s Moon because it’s a morning Moon, visible before sunrise.  It is a Moon of special energy.  Use this energy to learn tolerance and kindness.  Life can be difficult, but usually that is because we made it that way. We all have problems, and if we want to be free of some of them, we have to stop reacting to everything that occurs around us. We do not know what another is going through. We don’t understand their inner unhappiness and worries. If we react to something they say or do, we are putting our peace of mind in their hands. When we start to practice tolerance and understand the wisdom of not reacting to everything other people say and do, we will be much happier.

People born on April 29th are honorable and idealistic individuals who strive for honesty at all costs. You are a creative thinker and are always looking for a sense of purpose in life. Success and happiness come when you learn to trust your own instincts. You often have a plan or scheme in the pipeline. Your youthful and playful quality is likely to stay with you all your life. If you believe in someone, you are loyal and supportive.

Daily thought for April 29th: Discontent is the first step in progress. No one knows what is in him until he tries, and many would never try if they were not forced to.

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