Daily Astrology

April 7 Astrology Reading

Jupiter has been brightening steadily and appears several hours before sunrise, and in doing so, confuses our thoughts and feelings. Feelings of sadness and anger are energies you can easily pick up from others while in a defenseless state. If after being with someone, you are feeling sad, angry or some other feeling that is unusual for you or stronger than normal, you may have brought other people’s feelings and emotions into yourself. Start today to turn negative energy into positive energy and love, and then transmit it back to others. On a physical level, you can remove negative energy through deep breathing, yoga, and exercise. When you become calmer and more aware, you are less affected by the negative energies of others.  It’s a day to be stronger, and more positive, than the energy around you.

People born on April 7th are highly intuitive individuals. You have a charismatic personality and a deep understanding of people. Although undemonstrative, you often show a caring, protective concern for the welfare of others. In relationships, you are attracted to creative individuals with whom you can share your quick wit and sense of humor.

Daily thought for April 7th: By learning to contact, listen to, and act on our intuition, we can directly connect to the higher power of the Universe and allow it to become our guiding force.

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