Daily Astrology

April 8 Astrology Reading

The Moon is loaded with positive energy. Get centered. Don’t let little things ruin your happiness since life goes on, and you are not weak. Strength comes from within. You do not become strong by being sheltered and protected, you become strong by learning how to navigate all the different kinds of stress from within. The thoughts and feelings of people you have the most trouble harmonizing with are the very ones that will give you the most strength. Look around, take on a learning experience as a means to grow and gain more power.

People born on April 8th are hard-working people who love change. You are often happier in activities or occupations that do not involve routine. Variety is the spice of life and meeting new people and adventure is what you enjoy. You like to travel far and wide in your search for wisdom. You possess a youthful quality that gives you a childlike innocence. You are always on the go.

Daily thought for April 8th: Sometimes the littlest things in life are the hardest to take. You can sit on a mountain more comfortably than on a tack.

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