Daily Astrology

April 9 Astrology Reading

Today, the Moon is in Taurus, which should give us strength, but the Moon is weak today with such a low visibility.  This may cause us to feel that we are victims of fate or circumstance. Sometimes suffering is necessary to grow. This is a time when we realize that this will give us a chance for a new, stronger self. It can be a teaching tool about self-love, compassion, patience, inner strength, and other positive qualities. There are times when we are put in situations to help us grow, and we may be learning lessons that we have not learned in the past. This is a time to understand that we often create our own realities and are often given situations in order to grow.

People born on April 9th are charismatic and have a powerful personality. You have large dreams and inspiration is the key to your success story because without it, you lack a sense of purpose. At times, you tend to be over-serious and quarrelsome, but you are willing to compromise for peace. You have a romantic nature and nothing is too good for the ones you love.

Daily thought for April 9th: The most significant change in a person’s life is a change of attitude. Right attitudes produce right actions.

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