Daily Astrology

December 11 Astrology Reading

Take time, today, to forgive someone who has fooled or cheated you in the past, as today’s Moon is one of forgiveness.  You are a bigger person than someone who made you cry, who made you feel unloved, who led you on or whatever it is. You’re bigger than that, and you owe it to yourself to realize that and muster up the strength to forgive. It takes a strong person to face pain head-on, forgive, and release it. Peace of mind is what you find the moment you let go of any grudges and any resentments you might be holding on to. The moment you say to yourself: “It is time to let go, it is time to forgive,” that will be the moment you will find peace.  You should forgive, but forgetting sometimes isn’t possible. If you have to, just distance yourself from this person during the holidays, until time heals the wound.

People born on December 11th are honest and optimistic. You get through hardships with a philosophical attitude and bounce back quickly.  You know you are different from most in the way you think and solve problems.  Remember to have the courage of your convictions and to do what is best for you. Your charm is your saving grace.  You want to make a difference in life and work obsessively hard to achieve wealth, as you appreciate the power it brings. You have an innate talent for beauty and harmony and are gifted at interior design.

Daily thought for December 11th: Building character takes focus and patience, with attention to detail and an ability to be consistent over time. The more stressed we are, the less likely we are to create a character of beauty.

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