Daily Astrology

December 13 Astrology Reading

What we have today is a Moon of Adventure.  Your instinct to be adventurous, and not get tied down to routine, is not only natural but very good for you.  Life becomes adventurous the moment you add uncertainty to it. Get to a point where you truly love the life you already have and venture out to make it even better. Cherish it. Always have a smile on your face because you’re so ecstatic about what’s in store for you.  Continue to be positive. There are many reasons to say no. But occasionally you need to say yes. You need to say yes to things that, at first, appear to have little value. Don’t commit your whole life, just offer to try something out. Don’t be too concerned about money. If the dollar signs are all you’re thinking about, stop and take a second to think about what really matters in life. Is it money? Or is it love, passion, ambition, integrity, honesty and all the things that make you happy? Money will fall into place where it’s needed, not wanted.

People born on December 13th are intelligent, freedom-loving, and great communicators. You take great pleasure to giving hospitality to others, and you provide some lavish dinners and nights out. You are especially drawn to ecology campaigns and the green movement in general.  Too many emotions about what you are trying to accomplish always cloud issues you are facing.  It is important that you use your ability to keep both feet on the ground when trying to make sense of it all.   Travel is in your immediate future.

Daily thought for December 13th: Your words have the power to hurt and tear down, but they also have the power to heal and build up.

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