Daily Astrology

December 14 Astrology Reading

Don’t let the energy of tonight’s Moon bring you feelings of dependence.  When you attempt to please the people in your life, you become overly dependent.  By developing confidence, you can overcome the tendency to be easily hurt by the actions and criticism of others.   It’s hard to be confident in yourself if you don’t think you’ll do well at something. Beat that feeling by preparing yourself as much as possible. Focusing on solutions instead of problems is one of the best things you can do for your confidence. Learn to say no. Teach others to respect your personal boundaries. If necessary, take classes on how to be more assertive and learn to ask for what you want. The more control and say that you have over your own life, the greater will be your self-confidence.  Once you have confidence in yourself, you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish.

People born on December 14th are sensitive and practical with the ability to make long-term plans and stick to them. You work hard, with great attention to detail, but you may not care much for your job.  Strive for better self-esteem to guard against worry and emotional insecurities. Blessed with charm, you can make the most of your outstanding talents. Develop your communication skills if you want to find your ideal partner.  In love, you are a sensual, romantic charmer, but beneath that enthusiasm, a desire for a settled relationship seems important to you.

Daily thought for December 14th: The meaning of life does not lie in the possession of things, but rather, in using those things to bring true meaning to life.

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