Daily Astrology

December 15 Astrology Reading

The vibration of this Moon of Arrogance is sometimes too strong to handle, so be careful.   Your weakness reveals itself today when others don’t do what you say.  You will try to cut off from them until they come around to your way of thinking, but that’s arrogance.  Sometimes it’s appropriate to dial things down a little, and adapting your style to the situation you’re in or the individual you’re with.  Arrogant people have an extremely strong need to look good.  When an arrogant person looks bad – even if it is the slightest offense – they will usually get very upset. This happens when someone questions (or at least seem to question) their appearance, intelligence, athletic abilities, or anything else relating to their self-image.  If you want to be less arrogant, it would be helpful to simply allow people to be who they are, regardless or your opinion of their lives.  Yes, it is true that everyone has the right to their opinion.  What everyone does not have is the right to express that opinion any way they choose.

People born on December 15th have a huge zest for life. People-watching and chatting with friends are your favorite pastimes. Extraordinarily charismatic, you are someone that people do not forget easily. The practical side of your nature attracts you to the financial world. You know the importance of not taking unnecessary risks.  You love romantic gestures and one will be coming your way, shortly. You may have to avoid being critical if you want relationships to last.  With determination and hard work, you are successful.

Daily thought for December 15th: Above all, don’t take your conscience for granted. It is either healthy or becoming unhealthy. And as your conscious goes, so goes your reputation and the quality of your life.

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