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December 16 Astrology Reading

Take in the energy of this Moon today, for it is a Moon of Joy.  Your relationships have always been the stuff of great dramas, with intense highs and lows.  At times you can be depressed and moody, especially if you feel that your efforts are not appreciated, and act accordingly.   Sometimes people need the drama to keep them feeling alive.  But a relationship can be passionate and loving without drama. When a partner builds us up or tears us down, we can feel like we’re on shaky ground, not really being loved for who we are.  Even when you aren’t feeling it, be kind.  Honesty in a relationship is important and can be tricky because it doesn’t mean saying every little critical thing to our partner that pops into our head.  Stop and think before saying anything.  We have to know our real intentions and what our real truth is. This means we have to know ourselves.  Things are changing for you.  Feelings are going in a direction that will make you happy.  Your own positive emotions will be coming into play soon, logic and reason may fall by the wayside and you will be thinking with your heart instead of your mind.  Be prepared for the JOY of success, for it is coming your way.

People born on December 16th are an unusual blend of the conventional practicality with a mixture of an adventurous spirit. You derive great satisfaction from using your talents to create things that are useful as well as beautiful. Since you have a wonderful charm that can attract friends and admirers, you are sure to have an active social life. Living with you can be a complex roller-coaster ride of frequent ups and downs, but you are trying to change that.  When the relationship you are seeking truly excites you, your enthusiasm won’t quit until your goal is achieved.

Daily thought for December 16th: Acts of kindness can lead you to prominence. Then, from a position of prominence, you can be kind to even more people.

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