Daily Astrology

December 17 Astrology Reading

Power can come your way with tonight’s Moon as it has vibrations of strength, but you have to avail yourself of its energies.  It’s time to hide your anxieties.  Don’t let them make you weak.   Hide these anxieties in the back of your brain and don’t allow them to hold you back from life experiences.  You need to learn how to relax and handle them or you will risk burning yourself out, worrying about everything.   When your thoughts start spinning out of control, try telling yourself to stop. Organize your thoughts and decide what you need to do to get yourself calm again. Think positively. Push negative thoughts out of your mind, and remind yourself that you are in control. Think about times when you’ve been able to manage situations successfully and reduce anxiety.   You can’t control the future, and you can’t borrow a time machine and change the past, so here’s a thought: Take each day as it comes. The present moment is all there ever is. You can’t taste the future or smell the past.  Embrace change, and life will be your friend.

People born on December 17th have a sensitivity and vulnerability that endears them to others. You comprehend more about what everyone else is feeling than you do about your own emotions. The serious side of your nature is lightened by your youthful outlook and your great sense of humor.  You are loyal and caring but you don’t respond well to the demands of an overbearing partner. The free-spirit adventurer within you will always win out.  That free spirit knows how to have fun.  Although you do possess tact, you are rather frank and have a quick temper that can land you in trouble.  Fortunately, people like you and you are easily forgiven.

Daily thought for December 17th: When things go wrong, don’t go wrong with them.

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