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December 18 Astrology Reading

Jupiter and Mercury are side-by-side and the Moon is shining down with Positivity.   Take advantage of these positive vibes.   You have no trouble brushing off negativity in others, but when it surfaces inside of you, you are too often defenseless against it. You forget to be less serious.   Negative emotions are the way our unconscious mind lets us know there is something to learn. If we didn’t learn then we may make the same mistake twice. By learning, we can better ourselves and grow as people. When you start thinking negative thoughts about yourself or others, tune in to your intuition about what would bring you fulfillment. When you devote your energy to things that bring you joy and satisfaction in life, there’s less energy to devote to negativity. We’re all a product of our surroundings. If you choose to associate with positive people, their optimism and positivity will wear off on you. If you choose to associate with negative people, though, their anger and resentment will inevitably wear off on you as well.   Much of what we see in the world is a reflection of how we feel inside. The brain is literally creating our experience moment to moment. Why not make these moments, positive ones.

People born on December 18th are not interested in making a great number of friends. You feel that a friend is a friend for life and no matter how many years go by, you will always have an open heart and home for those with whom you have that special friendship.   You have an excellent feel for social trends. Thoughts of changing up a room at home, or maybe a new outfit, are taking up your thoughts. You find yourself much too busy, uncompromising and frank to have time for flattery. You already know you’re the best at what you do.  Well aware of the flaws in others, you are good enough to see your flaws as well.

Daily thought for December 18th: Who can tell how many souls have been lost or lives sorely wounded because someone has succumbed to procrastination.

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