Daily Astrology

December 20 Astrology Reading

Today brings a Moon with supernatural powers.  You have strong emotions related to what is happening now, with an intense attraction to all things mysterious.  You’ve been known to pick up vibrations from people and objects.   You possess a very strong “inner knowing.”  You’ve probably had the experience of feeling a “bad vibe” from a person or place. This can happen with people or locations that aren’t obviously scary, or even look nice, but still feel dangerous in some way. You are able to instantly form an impression about someone you just met. Places and people that emanate ‘dark’ energy cause you to feel nauseous, dizzy or deeply uncomfortable. Do you ever feel like you just “get” an animal when you’re together?  Almost like you can “feel” the animal, and they seem to always be calm near you. An example might be that your friend’s cat won’t stop rubbing up against you. This could be a sign that the animal recognizes your psychic abilities.  Today, this psychic-like intuition is giving you insight into a situation involving someone close to you. But what to do next? Do you step in or back away?  Only you know the answer to that.

People born on December 20th are imaginative and have inspired ideas, an expansive viewpoint, and a great deal of curiosity about the latest technical developments. You enjoy people, love to talk, and have a natural understanding of what makes others tick. Yet you rarely give out intimate details of your own life. You absorb emotional vibrations like a sponge. When vibrations become too much, you should withdraw to a quiet place where you can calm your swirling feelings and emotions. Have patience with those who are not as well-directed as you.  Relationships are important to you but you have no intention of giving up your own space.

Daily thought for December 20th: Remember, not everything your child wants is best for him. The best way to bring happiness to your child is to teach him it comes from within.

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