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December 23 Astrology Reading

Vibrations of the Moon can cause confusion, but for tonight, much of its upheaval is behind us.  This Moon brings a period of diplomacy, but diplomacy is not your strong point. When the adrenaline starts pumping, you plunge ahead with little regard for tact or subtlety.  Diplomacy involves evaluating a situation before speaking or acting and taking the best course of action. The worst action you can take while trying to be diplomatic is to speak rashly. When we open our mouths to speak without first thinking, especially in emotionally charged situations, nothing good can come from that. Always choose your words carefully. Remember that though your intentions may be good, sometimes your words might hurt others. Before speaking about a sensitive topic, ask yourself if what you’re about to say is true, helpful and kind. We all need a little more kindness in our lives.

People born on December 23rd are those that take themselves seriously, maybe too much so.  You believe in cooperation and think most problems are best resolved through discussion and compromise. Compromise is difficult for most people, so you must do your best to maintain a balance with others.  You love travel, particularly adventuresome holidays, but don’t take the time to actually do it. You are rational and full of good sense.  You possess great powers of concentration but have trouble keeping a lid on your anger.  People are drawn to your sense of humor.

Daily thought for December 23rd: Before we become too impressed with our own accomplishments, we would be wise to remember that we can never achieve anything of significance on our own. There is always someone else to thank.

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