Daily Astrology

December 24 Astrology Reading

This is a special time of the year and we have a Moon of lightheartedness, a Moon that lifts spirits of those that believe.  This is a Moon of great joy.  You appreciate a good celebration. Kind and full of life, you know how to make important occasions special. You put the swank in celebrations and the zing in swing. It’s the first day of this important celebration and with a wave of your hand, you make your surroundings festive and love the entertaining part of the holidays. After the celebrations, take extra time to actively pursue your dreams. Don’t spend any time sitting idly by wishing for things to happen for you.  It is the time of giving.  Donate your time and/or money to those in need. Think of how you would feel if you were less fortunate. Try to make those who are suffering better. Try to do a good turn for someone, you could do anything from holding the door open to taping some quarters on to a vending machine with a note.  Practice kindness.

People born on December 24th are the family members that hold relatives together and always come up with a positive solution in family disputes. Your words are among your greatest tools. You have a huge effect on others as you are a person that thinks about what you say before saying it, and makes sure it is always kind. You have consistently made an effort to be both positive and sincere. People love your attitude.  If you can remain realistic and open to life’s possibilities, things will finally go your way. Often a tower of strength for others, you are able to support friends as well as family members when they turn to you in time of need. When positive, you are big-hearted and generous.

Daily thought for December 24th: There’s very little to be gained by making someone feel worse regarding something they already feel bad about. Encourage another person today. You’ll both feel, and do, better.

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