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December 25 Astrology Reading

It is a beautiful night and Heaven wants to shower good fortune on everyone on this special day.  Luck is on your side if you welcome it.  Sugar, spice and all things nice can be found everywhere, you just have to get up, get out, and find it.   When you hear Christmas songs, instead of acting grumpy, smile and whistle along. Being cheerful during the Christmas season really will help in spreading Christmas spirit to those around you, plus it helps you enjoy it more, too. Wish others a Merry Christmas if you know they celebrate Christmas. If you’re not sure, just say “Happy Holidays”! Either way, you are spreading the holiday cheer. Put Christmas lights on your house. Hang mistletoe in the doorways (particularly if you know that special someone is coming over,) hang a homemade wreath on your door, and put Christmas figurines like Santa or Rudolph out on your counters. The white dove to many cultures is a symbol of peace and harmony. It’s always a good decoration for the holidays. Involve your children in your family’s traditions. Wherever you live in the world, teach your kids your family’s traditions at a young age. There is something about Christmas time that is absolutely magical to children.

People born on December 25th have a loving and passionate nature and seeks a long-term relationship with a home and a family. You seek out those who share your cultural interests and love of art and beauty. Your instincts as an idealist and Good Samaritan causes you to suppress your own powerful ambition in the interest of fairness and justice.  You could be spectacular at making money if you so choose, because a characteristic of the Capricorn influence is ruthless mental organization and dedication. Whatever you want to do going forward, do it with total commitment.

Daily thought for December 25th: Be patient toward all that is unsolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves.

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