Daily Astrology

December 26 Astrology Reading

Today, the Universe will give you strength to be your best, if you are open to the vibrations.  It’s the holiday season and you’ve had a lot to say and much to do. There is never a dull moment when you are around.   The holidays have been hectic for you, now it’s time to slow down. When you slow down, you naturally connect better with what is happening inside of you and outside you in this moment. What happens right now becomes more vibrant and not hidden behind thoughts racing in your mind about the past or a possible future. Slow down to enjoy the moment and to not miss life while you are planning for the future or reliving the past.  Your life is lived on a broad canvas that inspires less confident people, as they admire your lust for extreme adventure.

People born on December 26th see themselves as representing a cause, and as such are idealists. You are quite capable of defending yourself, and although sensitive, you can shrug off criticism from any corner. You have that essential toughness that will always protect you.  Don’t let anyone bring you down, for they will try.  From when you were a child, you have always known what you want to achieve, and you are on the right path.  You know how to handle your money.

Daily thought for December 26th: Compassion does not require us to give up the truth of what we feel or the truth of our reality. Nor does it allow us to minimize the humanity of those who hurt us. Rather, we are asked to know ourselves enough that we can stay open to the truth of others, even when their truth, or their inability to live up to their truth, has hurt us.

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