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December 28 Astrology Reading

We are moving into a different phase of the Moon and it is a Moon of Support.  Lately you have noticed a friend with way too much drama and conflict, but have been pushed away when you tried to help. Sometimes it’s important to wait until the time is right to offer your help.  It may feel like you are letting your friend get away with treating you poorly, which you don’t deserve, but what you are really doing is giving them the space they are quietly requesting. Respecting their need – which isn’t for you right now. And you are actually being much kinder to yourself this way too. The best thing to do at times like this is to step back and give that friend the space they need. There’s a limit to everything and when someone doesn’t appreciate what you are doing for them, you let them be. But that doesn’t mean you cut them out of your life. Just let them know you are around the corner. Should they ever need your support, advice, etc they’ll find you.

People born on December 28th are disciplined and focused with a tremendous amount of stamina. Sometimes you tend to be too serious and critical of yourself.  You truly understand people’s concerns as you have great wisdom and a healing ability that is hard to find. You appear to be very intuitive and respond to people emotionally rather than reacting impulsively.  You have a strong sense of responsibility and family pride. Once you have made a commitment, you are loyal. When you smile, you are a welcome addition to any crowd.

Daily thought for December 28th: Throughout all the ten regions of the Universe, there is no place where the Source is not.

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