Daily Astrology

December 29 Astrology Reading

The Universe supports this Moon for it is a strong Moon, shining brightly, and brimming with Successful vibes.  You’ve got lots of creative talents, but you feel you don’t have enough money to make it big. There are influential people standing by who are prepared to offer you assistance if you ask. But is that the way to go?  Wealth shouldn’t be your definition of success, that makes it very difficult to achieve it. As goals go, wealth is a pretty lousy target. It’s superficial. It’s not fulfilling. And there never seems to be enough of it. The more you have, the more you want. The more you spend, the more you need. Life is what we make of it with what we’re given. We are given a brotherhood of friends, family, mentors, competitors, and more. Our communities shape us into people, and our job as people therefore is to help others in the same way. Success, therefore, is something to be shared with the people who graciously helped us get there.  And if you do what you love, the money will come.

People born on December 29th, enjoy an energy level that is exceptionally high, and forget to take time out to recharge their batteries. You tend to be calm and rational one minute, and upset and temperamental the next. You have a genuine love of beauty, art, and nature. It is much easier for you to hand out sensible advice than it is for you to give financially.  You are drawn to the good life and enjoy sharing its pleasures with others during this holiday season. A gracious host, you have a special knack for bringing people together. You are the consummate romantic.

Daily thought for December 29th: If we devote ourselves to the effort to be real, the Universe in all its forms, will find us, the way that wind finds leaves and waves find shore.

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