Daily Astrology

December 30 Astrology Reading

The Universe, with its stars, planets, moons, etc., is electric tonight.  It is made up of more than a thousand points of photon-light.  Everything in the Universe is energy and electrical currents.  Sometimes too much energy can cause havoc.  People are finding it difficult to keep up with what you are saying as you tend to talk too fast.  One reason some of us talk too fast may be that we’re trying to impress our conversation partner, especially if you aren’t all that confident on the inside. Some people babble out of nerves, attempting to self-soothe while chattering. Still others have never been taught the fine art of asking the right questions that will draw the other person out, and then staying quiet while they answer.  Try to speak more slowly so as not to confuse those around you.  When you speak too quickly, you sound like you just want your conversation to be over and done. Instead, speak slowly to allow your listener to hear every word you say. This will tell them you actually want to be there talking to them.  Be friendly in what you say in addition to how you say it.  Today, share a nice thought about another person.

People born on December 30th seem to be highly charged and enjoy vitality but need to avoid becoming overly-anxious or impractical.   People like you for who you are, you don’t have to prove yourself, just be kind.  Try not to make promises you can’t keep. You may be surprised to find that you do not want what you thought you wanted, when you get it.  Doing for others with no expectations for anything in return, will bring you all the happiness you will ever need.  Patience is tested by practical problems.  You have a love of art and an appreciation for beauty and music. You are better when working with people, and with your natural charm, you have an ability to combine business and pleasure.

Daily thought for December 30th: Center yourself and allow the things that stir you to come into your heart. It may be as simple as watching a candle flicker, running in the wind or a short walk in nature.

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