Daily Astrology

December 6 Astrology Reading

Today’s Moon brings a good dose of procrastination.  Try not to put off to tomorrow what should be finished today. Procrastination at home causes problems. You’ve got unpaid bills due to your reluctance to part with money.  If you become too busy putting off decisions, you will miss good friends and maybe a partner of your dreams, and these opportunities will drift away.  The hardest part of doing anything is starting it.  Focus on the longer-term rewards that you’ll experience while persevering with the task. Stick with it and start seeing discomfort as a prerequisite for growth, rather than as the enemy. Limiting how much time you spend on a task makes the task more fun, more structured, and less frustrating and difficult because you’ll always be able to see an end in sight. What’s most amazing about avoiding procrastination and just starting whatever it is you need to do is that it has the exact opposite effect of the anxiety that comes with procrastination. You feel accomplished, empowered, and able.

People born on December 6th prefer alternative medicine to conventional ones, country life to city dwelling and prefer essential oils that are designed to heal and help. You are great in the kitchen, the wizard cook of the zodiac. You can throw a dinner for ten together in no time flat. Those who live in the country can exhaust guests with long walks, but your witty, friendly personality makes it fascinating for those around you.  You have the energy and determination for substantial achievement but you must take care of business first.

Daily thought for December 6th: A dollar speaks in different ways to different people. It’s the listener who determines which message is the most persuasive.

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