Daily Astrology

December 7 Astrology Reading

Today’s Moon ushers in a new season, and an awe-inspiring holiday is approaching.  Painting and decorating for the holidays has been on your mind, and that’s a good thing. Your enthusiasm for initiating projects will keep you very busy.  Spend some time thinking about what’s most important to you. That might mean hosting a festive party, traveling to visit family, baking your favorite cookies or doing volunteer service. Then free yourself to say no to anything that will interfere with those priorities. If you want your home to look super-Christmassy, scan your living room for brightly colored objects that aren’t red or green, and move them to invisible or inconspicuous locations for the season. Without the other colors to distract people’s eyes, your red and green Christmas decorations will stand out even more. Everyone remembers a meltdown or two during Christmas. Scheduling some downtime every day and week is important to save your sanity and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

People born on December 7th possess a strong desire to do well. You love to exchange ideas with others and seem to have an instinct for working or sharing through collective efforts. You seek a peaceful home life and do your best to keep relationships on an even keel.  You have a powerful moral code, and while you may be generous with others who do not, do not expect them to waver in their own judgment of what is right and wrong.  You enjoy cooperative activities where you can interact with others and appreciate when you receive their approval. It is necessary to make time for thinking and reflecting.

Daily thought for December 7th: The difference between where you are and where you want to be can often be summed up in one word: work.

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