Daily Astrology

January 1 Astrology Reading

The year begins with a predawn string of pearls:  Some 40 minutes before sunrise today, the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury hover from upper right to lower left in the eastern ski.  Sunrise is a beauty and brings positive vibrations for those open to receiving them.  Resolve to put yourself first in this New Year. You lead a busy, hectic lifestyle, as so many of us do, so take five minutes out of each day to relax and do something for you. Promise yourself that you will look for the silver lining in unpleasant situations. By trying to turn a situation on its head and view the positives, you’ll quickly find you adopt a more optimistic mindset. Mindfulness can really help you to be happier.  The past is past; you can’t do anything to change it. But you don’t have to let it ruin the future. Instead of worrying about what was or what will be, focus on what you can do now. Sometimes the best way to boost your own mood is to boost that of another. Find somewhere to volunteer this year and give back. Whether you’re sorting donations at the food bank, taking shelter dogs on walks, tutoring elementary students, or helping raise awareness for a cause close to your heart, it can brighten your spirits.  Make a point to expand your thinking with new experiences.

People born on January 1st are respected by most but can be perceived as dazzlingly aloof to some. You get to the top of anything you attempt, and always seem to impress those around you. Although you like to be in charge, you never take yourself too seriously. In relationships, you have a penchant for variety and are inclined to make sure you are always very busy to avoid relating on a deep level.

Daily thought for January 1st: We must look for the opportunity in every difficulty instead of being paralyzed at the thought of the difficulty in every opportunity.

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