Daily Astrology

January 11 Astrology Reading

Our beautiful Moon is in Aquarius and brings Simplicity of Thought.  It is a good time to actively consider what you want to manifest for the rest of the month, and even the year, so start organizing your intentions, your focus, and your efforts.  You are having a hard time letting your true emotions rise to the surface, so beware of sending mixed signals to others. When you hide your emotions, you are making it difficult to find yourself in a physical relationship as you appear to be lacking the enjoyment and enthusiasm necessary to make it work. You shy away from letting people get too close to you, But closeness is the whole point of a relationship. It’s time to give that special someone a chance.

People born on January 11th impress people with the courage and power of their convictions. A force to be reckoned with, you always make a memorable impression. You are known for setting goals and you work very hard to reach the top. You love to travel. You tend to be restless and are always craving new experiences.

Daily thought for January 11th: Speak out for those things you believe to be true and good. If you remain silent, others may take your silence as agreement of their positions.

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