Daily Astrology

January 12 Astrology Reading

The bright, glowing Moon of today brings energy.  This a great time to tap into the momentum and accomplish things. Remember that while the Moon is growing, so is anything we are putting out into the world.  This Moon can have a positive affect on your behavior.  The way to your heart is an easy path, you are turned on by the sound of a person’s voice. People feel at ease in your company.  But that isn’t enough for you. Now that the holidays are past, you find yourself restless to re-create who you are. You are feeling different from those around you. There’s nothing wrong with not being like other people. Most people aren’t. Being by water should be a priority for you as it will relax you and helps to restore your well being.

People born on January 12th have the ability to be a friend to all types of people, from all walks of life. Always controversial, your life is never dull. To avoid becoming bored, you keep your spirit of adventure alive. Travel, change and a desire to be constantly exploring, whether mentally or physically, helps you find new and exciting experiences. You have an unusual sense of humor.

Daily thought for January 12th: Reputation is made in a moment, character is built in a lifetime.

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