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January 13 Astrology Reading

According to Palermo, the first half Moon after the New Moon is called the First Quarter because, at that point, the Moon is one-quarter of the way through its monthly cycle of phases. This Moon may lend heavy influence to how you can respond to the experiences you have in the world through the cultivation and exercise of mindfulness. As you may already know, this is not always as easy as it sounds. You might be on the right track, but those around you don’t seem to have the positive attitude that you do. Make a point of showing your enthusiasm, compassion and your interest in the common good that you have in your heart, to the people you come in contact with today. In doing so, you will be setting a great example for those with a less positive view of life. Your charm and charisma will attract admirers like flies to honey.

People born on January 13th possess an open, friendly nature with tremendous person magnetism. You are a true humanitarian, you are someone who cares about the world’s troubles and wants to help fix them. Since you are self-motivated, you dislike supervision and generally do your best work alone. As your ultimate goal, you wish to contribute something important to the world and to inspire others to do the same.

Daily thought for January 13th: Maintaining your integrity is a seven-day-a-week job. It requires an ongoing supply of character and a steady flow of trustworthiness.

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