Daily Astrology

January 14 Astrology Reading

The illuminated portion of the Moon is breath-taking. During this Quarter, much of the Moon is illuminated, as seen from the earth. The Moon rises near the middle of the day and sets near the middle of the night.  Vibrations are strong, its energy is intense.  Feeling stressed, you want to over indulge. You work hard and you play hard. You swing from highs to extreme lows and this causes you to sulk for weeks. Self-sufficient, you’ve been keeping your emotions hidden from public view. Idealistic and thoughtful, you need a vision to steer you in the right direction.   You can make the most of these tensions when you consciously direct that intensity toward positive change.  Combining your great imagination with your ingenuity and practical know-how will produce outstanding results, take advantage of its guidance.  A new adventure is waiting to be discovered.

People born on January 14th are open and honest, with a need for positive and optimistic ideals in life. Your depth of knowledge, drive, and excellent social skills enable you to reach your potential in many different areas of your life. Although you seem self-assured, you may have doubts about your own feelings and at times appear indecisive or skeptical. You are known for your liveliness and passion for life.

Daily thought for January 14th: One of the best things you can do is to simply avoid those people whom you find constantly irksome, continually critical, or habitually angry at life, as well as those who seem to delight in needling you. You’ll be healthier and happier for it!

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