Daily Astrology

January 15 Astrology Reading

The Moon’s energy is reaching a point of uncertainty and doubt.  It is a time when crucial decisions are made, about what to leave behind, and what to develop further. You can work with the tension, and allow it to keep you on a forward path of growth. But you can also live with a lot of drama, and a feeling that there’s never any peace.  Don’t let unkind words ruin your day. You are tremendously sensitive to criticism and get hurt easily. When stressed, you get nervous and can find yourself mumbling. Don’t let it get the best of you. Learn to laugh at yourself. With practice, your emotional sensitivity will become refined and you will develop a stronger sense of vision. People notice your great sense of style.

People born on January 15th are generous and kind, and are very caring to friends and family. You are an independent thinker and often an entrepreneur. Innovative and with plenty of energy, you are multi-talented, with many interests. You prefer to be a leader rather than a follower.

Daily thought for January 15th: Watch what you say! Criticism can cause a wound that takes years to heal, but a kind and gracious attitude in problem-solving can save you years of tears!

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