Daily Astrology

January 16 Astrology Reading

The night Moon in Aries is an Intense Moon, with strong vibrations of sensitivity and control that may influence your decision-making abilities.  Have you been thinking lately of making dramatic changes in your life?  Don’t take your life too seriously.  You can be hot-headed and hot-tempered at times, especially when things do not go your way, but life is too short to get upset about things  you cannot change.   Try to relax a touch. Spend a few minutes every day just lying down. Read a book. Listen to music. Do something calming. Don’t let yourself become over-stimulated. But don’t lose the spirit of who you are. Those who are at times described as being ‘too emotional’ or ‘complicated’ are the very fabric of what keeps the dream alive for a more thoughtful, caring, humane world. Never be ashamed to let your feelings, smiles and tears shine a light in this world. But it is time to let go of the grasp for control. When you free the energy used to hold yourself tight, you free the gifts of sensitivity that have been lost to you: empathy, creativity, and heightened joy, to name a few. With this new year, take the time and energy to allow your true potential to blossom.

People born on January 16th are deeply philosophical and spiritual. You are always seeking the meaning of your life.   You love debating and will play devil’s advocate just to stir things up and increase the excitement. Guard against taking on too much and not giving yourself enough rest.   Flattery gets you everywhere and you make everyone feel special. By trusting your instinctive reactions to people or situations, you come to learn about your inner strength and spontaneous awareness. You’ve been blessed with courage and lots of energy.

Daily thought for January 16th: Stack every bit of criticism between two layers of praise.

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