Daily Astrology

January 19 Astrology Reading

Dreamers and vibrant Moons always bring good feelings. Tonight’s Beautiful Moon is the Moon full of good vibes for all the Dreamers. Use it to your advantage. The Dreamer, you are. You are the creator of a magical life and seem to have the Midas touch. Whatever you do, it absorbs you totally and your mind works overtime. You have a fertile imagination and people love to hear what you have to say.  Dreaming triggers one ability of the mind – imagination. If you make a habit of dreaming, you strengthen it and your dreams evolve. Dreamers are optimists, and studies have shown that optimists are not only psychologically happier, but physically healthier, recovering more quickly from illnesses and surgery. But some days, daydreaming may try to get the best of you. Someone may want to criticize you for not paying attention. Don’t let them get to you, for they are wrong. Your saving grace always seems to be your quirky sense of humor. It’s all good.

People born on January 19th are responsible and honest and expect the same from others. One part of you wants new and exciting things and the other wants security and stability. The adventurous side of your nature loves to discover the wonder of traveling to far-off lands. With your persuasive speech and sense of the dramatic, you can usually get your way by captivating others with your charm.

Daily thought for January 19th: A failure doesn’t need to mark the end. It simply brings you one step closer to the success you desire.

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