Daily Astrology

January 20 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon is located in Gemini.  This is a time to go forth and do your own thing. Don’t stay in a bad situation… cut your losses and move on. Show kindness to those around you. Take strength from all this Moon power. The best for you is just around the corner.   You enjoy helping others and being useful is vitally important to you. You have great kindness, wisdom and healing abilities as you truly understand people’s concerns and hidden needs.   You care for others, even when you know they are taking advantage of your good nature. Don’t take this too far and end up sacrificing your own needs in order to please others, thinking that it will solve everything. Sometimes you need to put your needs first. Spend time doing what you enjoy, saying no to others when they are taking advantage. Try being more spontaneous. It is not wrong to be nice. The problem lies in being too nice. Don’t stop helping those in need, just make sure you are taking care of you, first.  Sometimes you need to make an effort to let go of your busy schedule for some frivolous fun with friends and family.

People born on January 20th have a strong awareness of their responsibilities, realizing that ultimately their peace of mind comes from creating harmony. You have many strong family links and are protective and supportive of them. You are fond of travel, adventure and meeting new people, and you make the most of any situation. This is going to be a great year for you.

Daily thought for January 20th: When you receive a gift, look beyond its surface appearance and value to see the one who gave it. Receive the giver’s present as an act of their love and desire to have a relationship with you.

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