Daily Astrology

January 29 Astrology Reading

It is the first night of a Moon in transition.  This transition may bring conflict to your life, if you let it.  Lately, you have been going out of your way to avoid conflict and controversy.  Try developing balance and harmony among all the aspects of your life to bring you true happiness. It can be definitely be difficult at times to keep everything in order, but when you do, the harmony you create makes an amazing difference. Try to look for the positive aspects of others, especially when dealing with family, and focus on these positives. You don’t have to be close with everyone; just being polite goes a long way toward creating harmony. Things seldom happen according to plan. Success and happiness are there for you when you develop that elusive patience.  Once we realize that everyone is correct from our own viewpoint, then there remains nothing in this world worth having a conflict over!

People born on January 29th are naturally dramatic and creative. You are multi-talented and have an interest in many subjects and like to keep yourself well informed by exploring new ideas. You enjoy analyzing problems that others find tedious. Your charismatic appeal provides you with many social and romantic opportunities.

Daily thought for January 29th: Those that are the most persistent, and work in the true spirit, will invariable be the most successful.

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