Daily Astrology

January 30 Astrology Reading

Today brings a Moon of decreased energy.  This life is no joke and being aware through its ups and downs requires resilience and a child-like attitude. Laughter lifts us to the places of light and literally breaks up lower vibrations and thought patterns. When we give “energy vampires” access to us, they will surely suck the life right out of us! We can leave such encounters feeling drained, depressed or even angry ourselves. Don’t let others steal your power. Focus on the future you want to create — a future based on love, happiness, abundance, and freedom. And avoid speaking of a future based on fear, pain, lack and problems. This takes effort, but you can retrain yourself to raise your vibration by deliberately focusing on the best-case outcome.  When faced with a problem, you always seem to be able to find a quick and inventive answer.  Growth is a continual process of change.   If your day is not going as well as you’d hoped, smile anyway. Your smile will make you happy.

People born on January 30th see themselves as logical creatures and believe in the power of mind over matter. You possess an inner sense of harmony and desire life to be peaceful and contented. You know how to relax and enjoy yourself. You tend to be extremely generous with those you love and can be very loyal to friends and family. Naturally understanding and sensitive, you know how to use tact and cooperative methods to achieve your aims and objectives. Romantic at heart, you love the chase.

Daily thought for January 30th: A man’s doubts and fears are his worst enemies.

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