Daily Astrology

January 6 Astrology Reading

During the vibrations of today’s Moon, the motives behind any activity we undertake will be shrouded in a great deal of mystery. Similarly, the motives behind the activities of others will also be unclear.  Stress is everywhere. Don’t let it overwhelm you. Reach out to others with positivity. We have positive power that we can wield on a daily basis. Today, if you have the opportunity to have a meal in a restaurant, give a generous tip to your server. Make their day, today.  People are in their own bubble and do things that they don’t realize hurt others. Forgive someone today who has hurt you. Make the world a better place by taking positive action.

People born on January 6th are generous and possess a warm heart. You are dedicated to enjoying life and your sunny personality radiates out to all you meet. Family life suits you. Committing to another is not something you take lightly, you take your time before making any decisions. You have to be careful because you need the right person to create a balance in your life.

Daily thought for January 6th: Instinct guides the animal better than the man. In the animal it is pure, in man it is led astray by his reason and intelligence.

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