Daily Astrology

January 7 Astrology Reading

Venus enters Sagittarius, and it is a much more compassionate Moon.   It’s your opportunity to responsibly set your emotional tone and be receptive for the rest of the month, that is if you can keep your cool during this transit.  You’ve made it this far on a positive note, and the holiday festivities are now behind us. Think about the things you’d like to do better this year, new things you’d like to try. You’ve been hard on yourself lately. Treat yourself with greater compassion, you deserve it, as your heart is kind. Start today to eat healthier, take a walk – even if it’s just around the mall – and make time for family and friends. Treat people a little better. Give two compliments today to random people. When in a conversation, include everyone, and make eye contact with someone who looks shy. Life is good.

People born on January 7th are big-hearted, extravagant and socially aware. Intensely ambitious, you make a sure and steady climb to achieve your goals. Always seeing the best in people, your enthusiasm is contagious. Generous and kind, you throw yourself wholeheartedly into your work and any project you are involved in. People seek you out for advice.

Daily thought for January 7th: In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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