Daily Astrology

January 9 Astrology Reading

Be prepared to make decisions on the spot, and do not lose your cool when things come at you out of nowhere. The best way to handle this Moon is to be flexible.  The year ahead will be good to you if you let it. Try to keep a positive frame of mind and plan for interesting and fulfilling events throughout the year. Think about traveling, start planning the trip you have wanted to take, and budget now. Sort out your finances from last year so this trip may become a reality. Do things that give you cause to look forward to something. Choose one activity that meets your budget and plan it now.

People born on January 9th are bright, personable and have many friends, interests and hobbies. As you are enthusiastic and entertaining, you are fun and delightful company at any social event. Although usually understanding and good-hearted, you also encounter periods when you may become disappointed or overly serious, but it soon passes and you become your old happy self again.

Daily thought for January 9th: A friend is one who knows all about you and loves you just the same.

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