July Astrology

July 16th Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon opens the door for meaningful people to step into your life.  It is a night of Electricity! Often, your friends refer to you as a caring and friendly person.  But sometimes life is not a bed of roses, but neither is it a bed of thorns.  We all need a break to recharge.  Working and responsibilities are very important parts of our life, but, today is a day to calm down.  Get together with a group of friends who you love and who love you, and just exist with them. Listen in on the conversations. You don’t even have to participate in the conversation if you don’t want to. The thoughts, laughs, topics, and shenanigans may help keep your mind off of things just for a little while.  When at home, take good care of your living environment—clean it, decorate it to reflect your tastes, make it a place you want to exist in, not disappear from.  Even if it’s just for a brisk walk, enjoying nature has many benefits. Daylight boosts mood and helps regulate sleep/wake patterns, and nature helps calm our thoughts and lift our spirits.

If you were born on July 16th, you are an interesting mix of shyness and sociability. Your nature is romantic and caring, but also emotional and erratic.  You are an ambitious and emotional person.  You seem to use logic to convert others to your way of thinking. Your strong instincts can often anticipate what people may do and you use it to your advantage.  Your ideal partner is someone who accepts your moodiness and your occasional need for seclusion.

Daily thought for July 16th:   God can heal a broken heart, but He has to have all the pieces.

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