July Astrology

July 23rd Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon is in Aries.  Aries is a naturally optimistic sign, and an Aries Moon has a great capacity to rise from the ashes of an ordeal. The Aries Moon can bring vibrations, showing us the truth of a matter right away, and has us growing restless for others to “get it.”

Today, one of your most difficult challenges will be impatience, and only by developing a more persevering attitude can you overcome the inclination you have to act too impulsively.  Patience, a challenge for most of us, is the ability to tolerate waiting, delay, or frustration without becoming agitated or upset. It is being able to control your emotions or impulses and proceed calmly when faced with difficult or frustrating situations. Often it’s best just to walk away for a few minutes. Take a break from the situation, just for 5-10 minutes, let yourself calm down, plan out your words and actions and solution, and then come back calm as a monk. Feeling impatient with yourself often stems from the idea that it’s always better to go faster, which isn’t necessarily true. Take a day (maybe today?) where you make patience your goal for the entire day. Make a concerted effort to take your time and think about everything you do, be mindful and live in the moment. At the end of the day, observe all the ways in which you’ve made smarter decisions, got along better with others and actually understood what took place. Instead of reacting with anger, teach yourself to react with love.

If you were born on July 23rd, you are likely to change your mind and physical surrounding with great regularity.  The restless side of your nature has you easily bored.  Always experimenting, you can live on the edge, and are not averse to taking risks.  You are creative and expect to do things your own way.  Incredibly restless, your weakness is spreading yourself too thin, always jumping from one new idea to the next and never focusing.  You tend to be successful in just about any job or occupation as long as you love what you are doing.

Daily thought for July 23rd:   A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder.

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