July Astrology

July 24th Astrology Reading

Over the next few days, the distance between the Moon and the Sun will decrease and it will rise later each day. It is a cleansing and meditative time as we prepare for the New Moon phase next week when the cycle begins all over again.

Don’t let this limited visibility be the cause of unwanted nervous energy.  Today you are dealing with a nervous energy that should be contained. It’s a day to not attract too much attention to yourself, and to go about your work in a confident but unassuming way.   Take deep, long breaths. Think of something positive, something that makes you feel happy and energized. Focus on that thing and don’t pay any attention to your nerves. Just taking a short walk can help to relieve anxiety. Getting outside in the fresh air will also have a refreshing and rejuvenating effect. Not every day will be perfect. You will have setbacks and disappointments. Learning to deal with them will help you to become stronger and more independent. Listening to your favorite music or even some nature sounds can help you to relax and lower your heart rate down and make you generally calmer. Laughter can be very difficult when you’re suffering with agitation, but if there is anything in your life that consistently makes you laugh, focus on it.  Laughter, like yelling, reduces some of that nervous energy and puts your mind on something much more positive.

If you were born on July 24th, you project a type of confidence and personal magnetism that people tend to notice.   You have issues when trying to strike a balance between fighting for what you believe in and accepting fate.   Your creativity and practical skills prove beneficial when involved in a project or making difficult decisions.  Friends love you because you always listen to their problems.  You are warm-hearted and passionate, and you thrive on intimacy and the feeling of being part of a couple or family.

Daily thought for July 24th.   Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits.

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