July Astrology

July 3rd Astrology Reading

The rebirth of tonight’s Moon gives us a hint regarding the soul’s cycles of continual reincarnation. It is a time to avoid loneliness. Today is the day to actively seek real human contact rather than only observing and critiquing people. Try to enter more wholeheartedly into the social life around you. Take part, rather than just observing, and do it with friends. Friendships are important for our well-being. When we pursue hobbies and activities that we enjoy, we have a good chance of meeting people with similar interest. People enjoy talking about themselves and about how great they are or look. By listening more than you talk, it will make you seem like a desirable friend. Be loyal to your friends. Be there when they need you. But choose your friends wisely. Treat your friends like you want to be treated and just be yourself. Don’t act like someone you are not. You have a friendly personality, it’s time to let it shine.

If you were born on July 3rd, you are easygoing and a good companion. You are observant and perceptive and are able to turn your interests and creative talents into successes. You always seem to anticipate events and you have the gift of vision. Your restlessness and an inability to settle down suggests that you can have a change of heart, but once you settle down, you can be very loyal and caring.

Daily thought for July 3rd:   Decisions can take you out of God’s will, but never out of His reach.

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