July Astrology

July 5th Astrology Reading

This is our time for new beginnings as the Moon’s purifying energy is there to aid us in our reflection on what has transpired and what is to come in our life’s journey. This Moon brings strong vibrations for good luck. Today is the day to recognize a golden opportunity that will come your way, and be prepared to go for it. You have a charming personality, good luck, and will capture the hearts of those around you, if you stay positive.  (Good Luck is the effect of Good Karma.)  People who expect good things to happen to them attract more good things. We’ll never find good fortune in things if we are only looking at what’s wrong and what we don’t have. The Law of Reciprocity states that when we help others, they will feel more obliged to give us something of value in return. In other words, helping people get what they want actually helps us get what we want. You will sweep those around you with the enthusiasm you are generating. Luck favors the prepared mind that is flexible enough to adapt to changing conditions and circumstances. Now is always the right time to believe in yourself. Believe in your inner strength. We all possess the resiliency of the human mind that can achieve great things.

If you were born on July 5th, you have a natural business acumen and shrewd money sense that will bring you many financial rewards. Friendly and sociable, you find it important to be popular, and usually you are loyal and generous to those you love. Your secret wish is to go metal detecting and treasure hunting on every holiday. Then when you do go, you have astonishing results.

Daily thought for July 5th:    We can either grace our children, or damn them with unrequited wounds which never seem to heal. Men, as fathers, you have such power.

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