Daily Astrology

August 1 Astrology Reading

Tonight, the closeness of the Moon to the Sun makes it easier to understand the messages coming from our new awareness relating to our inner self.  Our worst battle is between what we know and what we feel. People who find peace within themselves are the ones who find a sense of “stability” in who they are.  Their mindset is not one that is wavering and volatile all the time, but one that has harmony in its movements.

This orbit of the Moon could cause differences of opinions in your interactions with others.  You are going to find yourself caught up in the middle of an argument filled with controversy.   Know that some arguments are okay; not all arguments are bad. It is okay to disagree with your friends sometimes, and argue or debate about a topic. Avoid having a conversation about the issue over text, messenger, email, or phone. Face-to-face contact is the best approach to solving conflict because it reduces the likelihood of a miscommunication; you can’t tell a person’s tone or facial expression from a text message. Realize that life is very stressful. Try talking about your issues. Give friends the benefit of the doubt, they might be going through something that they are not ready to talk about. When talking in person to a friend, never leave on an angry note. Keep talking and try to sort out your differences. Accept the each other’s perspective is different, but not wrong. Be willing to apologize and forgive.

If you were born on August 1st, you are attracted to danger and risk-taking. Pushing yourself to the limit and beyond is your favorite pastime.  Adventure and far-off places are appealing to you. You have the belief that “nothing is impossible” to accomplish.  Your friends know you as a magnetic and warm-hearted person whose life is a journey of discovery.  Let go of something that has been bothering you in your past. That will enable you to grow beyond limitations.

Daily thought for August 1st: There is only one success, and that is to be able to spend your life in your own way.

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