Daily Astrology

August 2 Astrology Reading

The aligning of the stars and the planets in tonight’s sky is ripe for bringing impulsive vibrations to the surface.  You may feel overly impulsive and some people seem to think that’s a bad thing.   Be in control, whatever you plan to do next.  Take a deep breath before making any decisions, that may give you enough time to think.  Just that alone can more than likely make a strong difference in your life.  Most people are impulsive because they can’t stop their urge to do the first thing that come to mind. So the key is to delay that impulse. Once the desire passes, then you can think clearly whether you want to act on it.  Smile, as there are good points to being impulsive. Impulsive people are reliable. They are there when you need them. Impulsive people are the happiest people. They act on what they want and make decisions based on how they feel. They’re in touch with their emotions, wants and needs. Impulsive people have the best stories. They rarely turn down opportunities to meet new people and have new experiences, making for better stories.  Impulsive people follow their hearts.  They have relationships based on a feeling of connection, not logical things like money, power, security and status.  Embrace your impulsiveness.

If you were born on August 2nd, you have a proud, ambitious nature that is bent on achievement, and you thrive on comfort and luxury.  Your adventurous streak has you seeking out exciting experiences.  You love happenings and occurrences of all kinds, but it’s necessary to think things through before doing anything rash. Try to keep that impulsive nature under control.  People find you dynamic and love to be in your inner circle.  You can be a great friend and a good companion.  In your leisure time, you enjoy sports and dancing

Daily thought for August 2nd: A first rate soup is better than a second rate painting.

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