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August 24 Astrology Reading

Tonight brings a Moon (Gemini) Opposition Jupiter (Sagittarius). This can be quite an emotionally-exhausting combination because the emotional needs of the Moon are combined with the yearning to expand, grow, and learn that Jupiter represents. A Moon-Jupiter Opposition is also a time when we find ourselves falling into incredibly lucky situations. You’re often much more fortunate than you realize.

The power of this Opposition can also stir up turmoil.  Don’t create a problem where none exists. Try to simplify as much as you can in your own life today, and avoid much of the endless complexity which you not only discover but so often create.   Try instead to step back and look at your life objectively, and when faced with a problem, find the good in it and discover viable alternatives that can make your life easier. Take a few minutes to understand others’ points of view, and not to always assume they are wrong and you are right. Don’t look for trouble when none exists. Sometimes, it’s just not about you.  Every situation is open to interpretation, so let’s interpret things in a healthy way. If someone looks angry, it is a fact that we will respond angrily.  Just because a face is not brimming with positivity, it doesn’t mean that they are feeling negative. When we feel joy and happiness, others will, too.  You have been blessed.  Share those positive vibes with others.  Give them a kind compliment and a pleasant smile to brighten their attitude and one that will increase their mood immediately. This seems to make everyone feel less stressed and happier.

If you were born on August 24th, you are mentally sharp and self-assured, and there is more to you than meets the eye. You are likely to have a youthful side that will keep you constantly interested in new people and new places.  Luckily, your wry sense of humor prevents you from taking yourself and others too seriously, eliminating any possible emotional tensions.  Once you make a commitment, and it seems to be working out, you are very happy and content.

Daily thought for August 24th: When we accept tough jobs as a challenge to our ability and wade through them with joy and enthusiasm, miracles can happen.

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