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August 26 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon (Cancer) is in Opposition Saturn (Capricorn). The Moon rules habits while Saturn is structure and organization, therefore these subjects have great endurance and self-discipline, when handled responsibly. Insecurity issues can often emerge during this cycle. They can manifest in a number of ways, but they usually relate to unresolved elements of your past. It’s time to settle these issues as best you can.

Get yourself on the right path.  Your natural charisma will magnetize people towards you.   But today, it’s a day of disappointments when others fail to live up to your high ideals, they seem to continually let you down.  You can be a kind, loving person with a giving attitude and still choose people who are clearly horrible for you. When someone repeatedly lets you down, it can send all sorts of feelings and questions running through your mind. You may feel angry with them or you might even start to resent their behavior, or maybe being disappointed so frequently causes you sadness. The point is, it can hurt you and your relationships with others.  Such people are not friends. Try to differentiate between your real and fake friends. Why waste time on fake ones when you have real ones waiting early out for you. We can’t change how people are, but we can decide who we want in our life.  Everyone is on their own path and they reach different realizations at different points in life.  But as time moves on, our disappointments takes on a diminished importance because our brain begins to weigh the relative impact of one week versus five, ten, or thirty years.

If you were born on August 26th, you are cautious with strong values and sound judgment. You like to make up your own mind only after analyzing all the possible ramifications. Honest and straightforward, you often attract people who need your support. A less skeptical attitude has always been your saving grace. You feel that your hard works are not being appreciated, but don’t fret, your day will come. Don’t be afraid to stand alone, supporters and friends will join you. You know the importance of remaining open to compromise.  Extremely patient, you are willing to wait for the best possible opportunity before making your move.

Daily thought for August 26th: No one ever said on their death bed: “I wish I would have spent more time at work!”

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